3-up Tristar - Connected Wiring - AntiDisco

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This is our 3-up tristar, specifically made by Steve's LEDs, LLC for your specific application.  It is a high quality solid aluminum MCPCB for superior thermal conductance to keep your LEDs cool.

This is the tightest you'll ever get 2 or 3 LEDs together, which eliminates the annoying "Disco" effect - which is not necessarily an issue with seeing separate colors on your sandbend, but eliminates the different colored shadows that LEDs sometimes cause.  This LED star creates natural looking shadows while still using your choice of colors.

Universal Standard 20mm Star dimensions.

This star will allow you to have 2-3 Luxeon ES LEDs, your choice of color, on a single star, yet offers the efficiency of having the already wired in series - with a pair of positive and negative solder pads. For LED #3, you can choose to leave the LED off, or have a jumper bridge in its place. 

The LED pricing INCLUDES the cost of custom mounting and reflowing.

Just want the bare empty star?  Send us an email for excellent pricing -min order 20 pcs.  Comes in 20 piece trays.