Aluminum Heatsink tubing T6063 1-1/4"

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Aluminum Heatsink tubing T6063 1-1/4"

SALE: For a limited time only, when purchasing Aluminum Heatsink Tubing, upgraded precision cutting is available for FREE. 

 After much research on the ideal heatsink tube specifications, this appears to be the best material for most applications.  Tube heatsinks paired with a pressurizing fan is superior to old-fashioned plate heatsinks!  They keep your LEDs cooler, cost less, can handle a higher density of LED placement, smaller, run quieter (fewer fans) and require less electricity.

This heatsink is 1-1/4" square tube with 1/8" walls.  It is marine grade, which means it does not rust or corrode, even when submerged in saltwater for YEARS!

When ordering several pieces, if they are the same size, just increase the quantity. If ordering different sizes, just add the different sizes to your shipping cart separately.  If you need to order a length that is not a factor of 10", you must round up the total length in 10", and when placing your order, enter your desired cut length in the comments section- the heatsink will be cut to size and the extra will be scrapped, unless otherwise specified.  

When cut to size, the aluminium is rough cut with a bandsaw, and the end may need to be sanded or prepared by the customer.  

Premium cutting is available for additional cost, in which, a precision cut with a high speed moly-carbide blade is made, resulting in a ultra-clean cut; in fact, the edge is very sharp, so handle carefully.

This aluminum is a perfect match for our pressurizing cooling fan.