Aquarium Controller Interface Harness

Aquarium Controller Interface Harness

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Driver 0-10V Interface Harness for Steve's LEDs Digital Drivers and Meanwell LDD drivers.

V4.3 Has just been released.  This latest revisions includes updated firmware, as well as updated hardware that ensures that the driver can be turned completely off when your aquarium controller tells it to.  

This allows Steve's LEDs digital drivers to accept virtually ANY 0-10V dimming signal and convert it into PWM (Pulse Width Modulation - a digital signal) so you can acheive ultra smooth dimming. The new version features no-solder connectors.  Just strip back the wire and push it in for a secure connection.

Can handle increments of 0-255, two and a half times the resolution of a mere 1%!

Inside this interface is a blazing fast speed Atmel microprocessor running at 16 MHz, which is thousands of times faster than the original 0-10V signal.  Software comes preloaded, and is upgradeable.....future-proof!!!

This can be powered by your Steve's LEDs Digital driver off of port "+5V"

Uses the highest quality tried and proven Atmel ATMega328 microprocessor.

Can accept up to 4 inputs and has 4 outputs.  Multiple drivers can be plugged up to a single output for multi-driver synchornization.  

A single Reefkeeper ALC has 2 - channels for 2 independent dimming controls.  A Neptune Systems Apex Variable Speed Dimming Module has 4 - Channels.

This unit can accept any 0-10V analog signal, and create a proportional 5V PWM signal output, this can be for virtually any use, not limited to aquarium controllers!

Your Aquarium Controller Interface now comes with the optional ReefKeeper plug that connects directly to your ALC.

You can download the installation guide HERE