CNC Robot Drilling

Steve's LEDs uses a purpose built robot that only does one thing - drills holes!  

We use this to drill holes in our aluminum heatsinks for our LED systems, however, we can likely adapt this machine to drill holes in your product as well.

Minimum hole size - 0.009" (0.30mm) 
Maximum hole size - 1.00" (25.4mm)
Dimensions of work piece - LxWxH  64" (1.62m) x 11" (280mm) x 4"(102mm)
Tolerance - 0.005" (0.127mm)

The advantage of this machine is that it usually has no setup fee, unlike having a machinist shop milling holes into your item.  There are usually no "bench charges" or tooling fees either!  This makes it much less expensive for you to drill out your heatsinks, put in mounting holes, make cutouts in your enclosure, etc!

Estimated Cost to drill 10 holes in a flat face 12" X 3" X 1" heatsink? - $5.00 for a single assembly and $1.00 for 100 pcs+