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This is a solderless extension cable for the Typhon and Bluefish Mini.  It comes with a connector that connects directly to the output pins of the Typhon and Bluefish Mini. The other end has tinned wires so you can plug it directly into Steve's LEDs driver with no soldering, power supply, or ready to connect to any other driver.  No soldering, no tools, no fuss.  Plugs in directly - about 30 seconds of install time.


Length - 6 feet, (10 feet and other custom lengths available) 

Number of wires - 8

Number of Typhon Channels - 4 (up to 18 Steves Digital drivers per channel)

Connector - 4X2 Pin, slip, Dupont style, 2.54mm pin spacing. 

Wire Gauge - 22 ga

Scotchlok Solderless Grounding connectors- Available on specific request - not required for most installations.  This is specifically for wiring to Steve's Digital Drivers V6 and under  - These are used to splice directly into the black DC ground wire that goes into the Steve's LEDs Driver DC ground port.  This saves you from running a wire down to the main silver power supply to ground the Typhon.  Insert the black wire into this connector and push with a pair of pliers.

6 Feet is enough for most installations.  10 feet is required for the Red Sea Max 250 and C-250.


Why does this cost so much?  First, the wire is very high quality multi-strand, oxygen free, pure copper wire for low signal and voltage loss.  Second, these are VERY time consuming to make and solder up.  Each one is made by hand using a very expensive tool and comes fully tested.