Extreme SPS Grade LED Upgrade System - 24"-34" tanks

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This retrofit LED system is designed for use in saltwater aquariums.  It includes the essential components necessary for your tank to have 100% LED lighting including the superior HD Heatsinks! It is capable of supporting every fish, coral or invert (including Softies, LPS, SPS, and clams).  All kits include the new Luxeon 3 watt LEDs (Yes, they are better than the latest CREE LEDs!)

 Total of 42 LEDs - Roughly Equivalent to 450 watts of Metal Halide light.

This is a drop in replacement, no cutting, no drilling, no soldering, no modifications and 100% stock look of most hoods.  Just remove your old lighting out of your hood, and mount this LED upgrade fixture in it's place.   

It is capable of supporting every fish, coral or invert (including Softies, LPS, SPS, and clams) from every ocean.

  • Grows corals faster than the natural ocean, and look better than your local fish store!
  • This is the brightest, most advanced, and simple to install LED system for your aquarium available, at any price.
  • Includes the easy to program digital HurricaneX controller which is pre-wired - OR Bluefish, which is wirelessly controlled via an app on your phone, tablet or computer!
  • Proven Luxeon ES premium LEDs in your own custom configuration.
  • 100% Silent - no fans or noise.
  • 50,000 hour lifespan and a 3 year limited warranty on LED drivers and power supply.
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in Louisiana, USA!
  • Outputs enough PAR to blast and potentially kill most corals, so a detailed acclimation guide is included to ensure your success. (We include detailed acclimation instructions to prevent blasting and bleaching)
  • 3 Light bars are included