Full Spectrum Array 24in (FSA 24)

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Brand New Release!  Build from the ground up in Louisiana, USA

Full Spectrum Array (FSA) Systems!   These systems have full solar spectrum LEDs, designed to grow all plants, no exception.   No guesswork involved - this is one of the best LED grow lights, period.

Using a high LED count linear array such as the FSA allows for amazing canopy penetration (no shadowing), excellent light dispersion, and no hot spots allowing you to grow very close to the lights for constrained spaces.  

We have several color options available, including 3,500K, 4,000K, 5,000K and 6,500K, with more colors coming soon.  Since we assemble the boards in-house, we can make any unique color blend you can dream up! CRI is 80-90, depending on color.

- 3,000K is great for flowering

- 3,500K is great for a complete run Veg + Flowering – (We recommend this!)

- 5,000K and 6,500K is great for vegetative growth.

No assembly required! Take it out of the box, plug it in and grow some plants!

Driver has a 5 year warranty, this fixture was built to last!