FullSpecArrays (FSA) 80-up LED Arrays Now Available!
Steve's LEDs has recently developed one of the lowest cost (dollar per watt), name brand LED arrays that is built to last. It has a price point competes with most cheap Chinese fixtures on the market.  It has been engineered in a modular fashion, so if the power supply fails 15 years down the road from now, it can be replaced with an off the shelf component.  

Efficiencies of up to 167 lumens/watt are possible.   

The idea behind this is that LED's efficiencies taper off when they approach their maximum rated current.   Whereas most people would run a 1 watt LED at 1 watt, the new FSA fixtures are running 80 of the 3W LEDs at only 1W.  This lets the LED run cooler, right at the peak of it's efficiency, so the actual performance numbers you get are close to what the datasheet specifications are.

Since we build these in-house, we can make unique color temp blends for our customers, at little added cost.   - Something no other company is doing on a small to large scale.

These arrays are optimized for running really close to plants - as low as just a few inches!  The beam angle is close to 140° which makes for excellent canopy penetration, eliminating the 'umbrella' effect of the plant's top leaves shading the rest of the plant.  The linear layout eliminates hotspots, and allows for ultra high power densities of up to a staggering 902W/Sq ft - several fold the actual output of natural sunlight.

These are capable of running up to 200W, however, we do recommend running them at around 100W for optimal efficacy.  Dimensions are 1.3" X 23.125".

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Edward.Au Au

Date 6/13/2020

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