HD Heatsink Hanging Kit

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HD Hanging Kit.  

The most convenient and easy way to hang and adjust your HD Heatsink or FSA light fixture.   It comes with everything you need, no additional tools required.  You can mount the hooks to studs in your ceiling, or mount them to standard shelving brackets (from any local hardware store) from a nearby wall.

We use the CamJam® device, which allows for raising and lowering your fixtures without the use of tools, fancy knots, rigging, etc.  Just pull the rope and it automatically grabs where you stop pulling.  To release it, just tug the rope out of the latch and it freely lets loose.

1X CamJam®
3X Weatherproof Hooks (no predrilling required)
30' of 550lb strength rope - enough to hang from up to 6' from the ceiling!  (Need a longer length?  Just ask!)