HD Heatsink LED Mounting Screws - Stainless Steel with insulating washers

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Philips Head Stainless Steel Type AB Metal Screws, #6 size.  Great for mounting LED drivers, fans, etc.

These are marine grade stainless steel screws.  They are very strong, and will not rust in a 100% humidity environment.  There is no way around it, stainless steel is expensive nowadays.  These are well worth it knowing this screw will last forever.

The head is a standard Philips Head (#2 head size), with bits being available at your local hardware store.  

We order 10,000's of these screws at a time so we can get you the best price.  We can ship up to 55 of these for only $4.00.

These include a special electrically insulating laser-cut fiber washer - perfect for mounting LEDs to our HD Heatsink!  No nuts required.  

Ordering 1 of this item includes 1X screw and 1X insulating washer.  It takes 2X screws and 2X washers to mount an LED.