We just launched our new HD Heat Sink.  That's High Density Heat Sink.  It allows you to easily mount as many LEDs as you can pack onto it and keeps your LEDs within their proper operating temperatures.

Easy to use, simple to mount, and amazingly effective.  They were engineered from the ground up here in Louisiana, USA specifically for people who want a simple, low cost heastink that looks awesome!

Your LEDs mount using inexpensive hardware - just screws with washers!  No frustrating T-Slots, nuts, or adhesive.  This makes it easy to rearrange your LEDs as well.

We can cut this heatsink into any length you require, from 1" to 48", and you can even stack these end to end, so there is no limit on length.  This is excellent whether you are growing herbs in your garage, to germinating tens of thousands of seeds in your greenhouse.  There is a staggering discount with large scale orders which makes this an immensely affordable solution.  With over 12 years of experience and expertise in LED lighting, we are glad to assist you in building your custom lighting solution that will be more efficient, more productive, more reliable and lower cost than anything else on the market.  Check it out right here! 


Thank you!

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