HurricaneX Digital LED Controller

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HurricaneX LED Controller - Currently V5.0 (as of 4/1/2017) - Now with a temperature probe option and ultra heavy duty connectors!

This is the answer for simulating silky smooth sunrises and sunsets with your LED lights.  Everything you need is included with this fully assembled Controller.  Allows for a whopping 16 independent channels of digital PWM dimming control!  Multiple Steve's LEDs brand drivers can be connected to a single dimming channel.  This works with ALL Steve's LEDs LED Retrofit kits.  No Aquarium Controller Interface is required to connect the HurricaneX to your digital drivers!

This is the perfect way to control your different color LED arrays separately, such as independent control of your blues and whites, or your blues, whites, violets, or your blues, whites, violets, and other exotic colors.  The HurricaneX can control 16 different channels independently with different intensities, sunrise times and sunset times!

Package includes:

1 - HurricaneX Digital Aquarium Controller

1 - Wiring Harnesses - 6 inch (150mm) pigtail leads for 4 channels of control.  You will need to purchase the other cable if you need to use the remaining 12 channels.  Soldering or splice connectors may be required - this can be connected to ANY driver that accepts standard 5V PWM (extension wire may be required).  This also controls drivers with 3-in-1 dimming and most 10V drivers if you have the 10V adapter.

1- Power Plug, 110-240V 50-60Hz for worldwide power input (conversion adapters are available at your local electronics store or online)

1 - Downloadable Manual  - Click here to download the HurricaneX Controller manual.


1- Optional temperature probe.

1- This connectors that HurricaneX uses are very high quality and aren't cheap.  To save you money,  we are offering the ability to control channels 5-16 with a separately purchased connector harness.  This allows you to independently control more drivers or even multiple aquariums!  Most LED systems are 4 channel, so in most cases this is upgrade not necessary.

5 Stars
Very smooth
I upgraded to the HurricaneX from the old Typhoon (which did it's duty for about 3 years now). The HurricaneX definitely has a finer dimming steps, you can't even see it step down, it truly is silky smooth, and even finer resolution dimming than the Bluefish Mini I have on one of my other tanks.
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Reviewed by:  from TX. on 7/5/2016
5 Stars
Very nice controller. Same as coralux StormX but costs much less, and comes with a way better shiny black enclosure case than the cheapo 3D printed one coralux sells.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 3/21/2016
4 Stars
I'm using this to control some LDD driver I have that run LEDs over my plants. Plants actually respond really well to the natural sunrises and sunsets, they species I'm growing (rattlebox) actually start to close up about 20 minutes BEFORE sunset starts, it only took them a week to learn the cycles, now it seems like they are doing even better than before. Super smooth dimming, even smoother than a dimmer knob. I was a prototyper for this, and it has been going for about 6 months now and continues to work like new.
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Reviewed by:  from KY. on 6/20/2015
5 Stars
Great controller
Bought to control my diy grow light strips. The service pre and post purchase has been incredible! Controller is perfect! Thank you for all the help, as good as I could have hoped for!
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Reviewed by:  from Oklahoma City. on 3/23/2020

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