Hyper Violet V4.0

Hyper Violet V4.0

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Currently out of stock, expecting more in late October.  Because of this inconvenience, if you decide to backorder these LEDs, and have your order held until these are in stock, you can purchase these for the discounted price of $2.99/ea, this is below wholesale.  Once these are back in stock, they will go back to the normal sales price of $3.90/ea.

This is the NEWEST hyper violet LED available from VioSys.    This is a much HIGHER quality LED than the SemiLEDs violet.  

This is not a UV LED, thus does not emit any damaging UV rays - which is known to cause cellular and DNA level damage in almost every known living organism on the planet, including corals, anemones, and clams.

This provides an amazing black light effect on corals, while nourishing coral's photosynthetic xoozanthella for maximum growth rates.  Our experimentation shows that they are most beneficial when used in ratios of up to 20% of your total LED light in the system.  This provides a serious boost in PAR levels, making it easy to blast out and bleach your corals, so we recommend no more than 20% of all light in your aquarium.

  VioSYS Hyper Violet 4.0 SemiLEDs Hyper Violet Luxeon UV


    ? 57%    × 26%   ? 39%

  Lifespan (in hours)

  ?35,000    × 2,500    × not listed

  Lens Beam Angle

  ? 90°     ? 90°    × 170°


    ? $    × $$    × $$$$



This LED the second highest quality Violet on the market, second only to the Luxeon UV LEDs (Luxeon UV sell for around $20/ea).  As always, we will offer it at the lowest price because we purchases in very large volumes, and we mount the LEDs in-house at our manufacturing facility here in the USA!  We simply pass the savings on to you.