Isolated Spectrum Array 48 inch Magnum (ISO 48 MAG)

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Brand New Release!  Build from the ground up in Louisiana, USA!

Isolated Spectrum Array Systems!   These tune-able systems have 4 independently controllable spectrums of LEDs, designed to grow all plants, no limitations.   

  • Want to get plants to germinate in 2-3 days instead of 2 weeks - There is a setting for that.  
  • Want to get plants to grow large roots at first, then short, dense, heavy canopies? - There is a setting for that.
  • Want to trigger flowering or budding on command? - There is a setting for that.
  • Want max vegetative growth? - There is a setting for that
  • Want your plant to do something very specific? - We will tell you the setting for that.

Using 4 high powered LED linear arrays, allow for amazing canopy penetration (no shadowing), excellent light dispersion, and no hot spots allowing you to grow very close to the lights for constrained spaces.  

The 4 channels include:

1) 445-455nm Royal Blue

2) 660-670nm Deep Red

3) 730nm Far Red

4) Full Spectrum white - your choice of color temp (2700K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5650K, or 6500K)

All 140 LEDs are name brand top-bin Lumileds SunPlus 3W LEDs.

Minor assembly required, just a few screws to mount the bars to the bracket then plug it in and grow some plants!

5 year limited warranty on manufacturing defects, this fixture was built to last!