LDD Driver Array - 2X Drivers

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LDD Driver Array - Up to 2 LDD drivers - of any current rating!

You can use as little as 1 LDD driver, and just leave the other socket empty for future upgrade. 100% Solderless installation.  Sharkbite connectors grab ahold of your wire, and use a ballpoint pen to push the release button - SIMPLE!

PWM solderless connectors included as well. Unlike other companies, we use integrated reverse polarity protection, so if you plug your wires in wrong, it is highly unlikely you will damage the drivers.  We also use a status LED to ensure your board has proper power.

You won't find a higher quality LDD array board at any price! We use high quality, round pin sockets, not the flat pin sockets which fail after just a couple of insertions.  Our connectors are rated for hundreds of insertions. 100% Made in USA.

Drivers not included, please add them separately on this page.  1,000ma  or 700ma or 350ma

LDD-350 works great for controlling our pressurizing cooling fan! No fan regulator required. (Does not work with any other fan).