LDD Driver Array - 8X Drivers

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LDD Driver Array - Up to 8 LDD drivers - of any current rating!

You can use as little as 1 LDD driver, and just leave the others empty for future upgrade. 100% Solderless installation.  Sharkbite connectors grab ahold of your wire, and use a ballpoint pen to push the release button - SIMPLE!

PWM solderless connectors included as well.

You won't find a higher quality LDD array board at any price! We use high quality, round pin sockets, not the flat pin sockets which fail after just a couple of insertions.  Our connectors are rated for hundreds of insertions. 100% Made in USA.

Drivers not included, please add them separately on this page. 1,000ma  or 700ma or 350ma

LDD-350 ma works great for controlling our pressurizing cooling fan! No fan regulator required. (Does not work with any other fan).

This Driver Array is compatible with the following drivers - LDD-350H, LDD-500H, LDD-700H, LDD-1000H, LDD-1200H, and LDD-1500H.