Luxeon C ROYAL BLUE 3 Watt LED

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This is the Luxeon ES series Royal Blue led, The finest Royal Blue LED on the market - Even superior to Cree XR-E, XP-G and XT-E LEDS! When compared to the Cree XT-E, these have a more blue and appear to be approximately 10% brighter!

We purchase leds in very large quantities to give you the best price on the market!

All Luxeon LEDs are not created equally! Thinking of ordering Luxeon LEDs somewhere else? Do you think they will be offering you the best BINs for the cheapest price? Likely not! Steve's LEDs will always tell you the specific BIN of LED you are ordering to ensure you are getting the BEST LEDS ON THE MARKET! The typical 3 watt Cree LED actually uses 3.3 watts of energy. The Luxeon ES series provides MORE actinic light and more PAR, using only 2.85 watts of electricity!