Molex Micro Connector 2 position Male- Includes connector pins

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Steve's LEDs uses this type of connector on all of our 95% Complete LED systems.  It is very reliable, creates a solid connection, is small enough to pass through wire sheath, and is easily concealed for neat installations.  Add a quick disconnect point anywhere in your system for easy access, easy replacement, easy repositioning and more!

 These connectors are approved to be used virtually anywhere in your LED system!  It can work

Between LEDs and LEDs, between LEDs and Drivers, between Drivers and Power supplies, and between Dimmers and Drivers.

(Not approved for using between power supplies and wall sockets)

 Includes connector pins

Current rating - 5A per pair

Wire size - 30ga - 20ga, it will not accept lower than 20ga.

Temperature Range -  -40°C - 105°C

Color - Black

Number of positions (wires) -2 

Gender - Male