PCB Design and Assembly

Steve's LEDs has a full PCB assembly line in-house!

- Full time engineer to assist you in designing/modifying/updating your PCB in modern software (Eagle or KiCAD)
- Two high speed pick and place SMT machines (accommodates PCBs up to 12"X 24")
- 8 Zone Air Reflow oven (accommodates PCBs up to 12"X 48")
- Wave soldering machine (for through hole components and connectors)
- Laser cut solder paste stencils (aluminum framed or loose Mylar in 3mil, 4mil, 5mil) 
- Manual pick and place for challenging components
- Full testing available
- Firmware programming, etc
- Sourcing your components for your project at cost (we have registered agreements with dozens of component manufacturers so you can purchase your components at wholesale pricing - substantially less expensive than Digikey/Mouser/Avnet/etc)

We have a highly efficient PCB Design and Assembly team dedicated to building your product exactly how you want it at the lowest cost possible and fastest turnaround time.

We are glad to provide any component of these services a la cart.  Need a Mylar solder paste stencil cut for a 8" X 8" PCB with 80 components on it, including a solder paste squeegee?  That would only cost you $15.  (fine pitch component legs minimum stencil size is a tiny 0.30mm!)

Have your PCBs and parts and want us to pick and place, reflow, and test for you?  That may cost as little as $1/board for low component count panelized boards!

Want us to produce a PCB design in software that you can hand to any other PCB manufacturing company?  That might cost as little as $20.

We love assisting our customers, please send us an email to [email protected] or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.