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The items you see throughout our online store are only a small part of what Steve's LEDs is able to do.  We specialize in custom fabrication of YOUR products! We are a fully equipped machine shop and PCB assembly shop including the following services: plasma cutting, TIG welding, milling, 3D printing, PCB pick and placing, CAD and more!  Wanting to further reduce your costs and outsource your design? We can assist you with that as well!

Do you need a single prototype injection molding sample 3D-printed out?  Perhaps you need 500 pcs of a single part 3D printed out instead of going through the expense and delays of making your own injection mold? Perhaps enough light fixtures to outfit a 100,000 square foot facility?  Maybe you want to design your own circuit board to mount your own LEDs on?  This is our specialty - the highest quality work, lowest prices, and lowest lead times.

Send us an email, with your idea, and we'll be able to assist you from conception to production. It usually less expensive than our customers expect!
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