Plasma Cutting

Steve's LEDs offers full range plasma cutting in a variety of materials and thicknesses. 

Maximum Work Piece Size - 4' X 10'  X 6"
Maximum Cut Thickness - 1.25"
Minimum Cut Thickness - 24 ga sheet.
Minimum Kerf (cut width) - 0.06"
Materials that can be cut - Almost any metal sheet!  We have cut mild steel, hardened steel, 4 types of aluminum, titanium, bronze, brass, and copper.
Digital height control so we can cut diamond plate, expanded metal grate, corrugated metal and more!

Cool cutting- we have a water table on our machine, so we can cut your metal partially submerged so that the heat affected zone is minimal to negligible.  Plasma machines that don't have water cooling have a heat affected zone approximately 1/4" from the cut.  Water cooling reduces this size substantially, ensuring your metal doesn't loose it's temper.

We are glad to provide you with wholesale materials prices with your order, and specialize in high part count orders.  We are perfectly comfortable with making a single part as well!

To get a 12" X 12" 14 ga aluminum piece cut would cost you about $6.

We also offer box break metal folding up to 12 ga aluminum, 14 ga steel as well and hydraulic brake folding up to 1/2" steel.

We love assisting our customers, please send us an email to [email protected] or fill out the form on the CONTACT US page.