Red Sea Max 250/C250 LED Upgrade - Plug and Play

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This is a drop in replacement, no cutting, no drilling, no modifications and 100% stock look of your hood.  Just remove your old T5's lighting out of your hood, and drop this LED upgrade fixture in it's place.   

This complete drop-in LED system is designed for use in the saltwater aquarium Red Sea Max 250, Red Sea Max 250D and the Red Sea Max 250C version.   

It is capable of supporting every fish, coral or invert (including Softies, LPS, SPS, and clams) from every ocean.

  • Grows corals faster than the natural ocean.
  • This is the brightest, most advanced, and simple to install LED system for the Red Sea Max 250 available anywhere.
  • Includes the easy to program digital HurricaneX controller which is pre-wired - OR Bluefish, which is wirelessly controlled via an app on your phone, tablet or computer!
  • Proven Luxeon ES premium LEDs in the 14,000K Super Full Spectrum configuration - This can be adjusted from 4,000K - 24,000K with the twist of a knob!
  • Less noise than stock fans
  • 50,000 hour lifespan and a 3 year limited warranty on LED drivers and power supply.
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in Louisiana, USA!
  • Outputs enough PAR to blast and potentially kill most corals, so a detailed acclimation guide is included to ensure your success.

Click here to download the installation guide

5 Stars
Lasts long
I've had this in my aquairum since 2011, I was one of the first prototypers for this. It's been several years that has been running strong and just thought I'd put up a long term review on Steve's new website. First off, I've never had a problem with it, and nothing has had to be replaced due to parts failure. I run it for about 14 hours a day and it has been 100% reliable. Both channels are set to about 70%. That just tells you how bright this sytem is. If it were any brighter, it burns corals. I thought it was expensive at first, then I realized that I have about $1500 in corals, and to be able to grow them better was most certainly worth it. I have a maxima clam that I got when he was about 3 inches wide, and now it is almost 12 across. I used to have a RBTA that split ever several months, and my LFS would buy the splits at $40 a pop, so the LED system paid for itself on short order. This truly is an excellent system, and proof is in the pudding - it lasts long, and is crazy bright - but you can adjust the brightness as well as color with the controller to exactly how your corals want it. I live in Florida, it is very hot and humid, and I have never had a chiller, it definitely keeps the water much cooler than the stock lights even mid summer. If it all broke tomorrow, I'd be the first in line to get a new replacement. Can I give it 6 stars?
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Reviewed by:  from MS. on 7/25/2016
5 Stars
We bought two of these kits and the install time was about 1 hour with two of us working on them at same time and I have had to work inside lid before The lights look great zero complaints we got 14 Super SPS version with Typhoon control which is very simple to program So far an excellent product and probably 5 times brighter than the stock T5s were Thanks
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Reviewed by:  from australia. on 6/6/2016
5 Stars
Install time was surprisingly quick, I liked how I didn't have to hack up the hood, still looks stock. LOVE the videos, didn't even need to call for support. Satisified.
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Reviewed by:  from long island. on 2/4/2015
5 Stars
Outstanding setup and international delivery
Being a marine enthusiast here in England is usually quite easy. We have a great selection of LFS and a vast range of knowledge from forum members and locals. However, when it comes to retrofit lighting, it's a case of building your own or buying from abroad. I'd done a lot of research before deciding on the Steve's LEDs RSM 250 retrofit system and I'm absolutely over the moon i went for it. The system took about 3 weeks to arrive but i ordered it over the Christmas period so expected a bit of a delay. I was regularly updated with progress and also an international tracking number. I'm no DIY expert but it only took me about 90 minutes to completely install the unit. Very easy to do with the downloadable picture guides. The lights are amazing and very easy to use with the Typhon controller. Faultless and amazing system and a must for any enthusiast looking for the best at a reasonable price. Thank you.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 11/1/2015
4 Stars
RSM250 LED upgrade system
The system is fantastic. The dimmer switches, great lighting, and typhoon controller are fantastic. I had difficulties with receiving all of the items I needed. Jeff has great personal skills and was receptive to my fears and needs. I purchased the 99% completed kit and can not imagine not having done so. Anyone contemplating not spending the money to have the fully assembled version is flipping nuts. Love the 10 foot long cords, saved me from using extension cords all over the place.
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Reviewed by:  from usa. on 6/12/2015