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This are custom built LED drivers for a specific customer, and then the customer cancelled the order.  These are 100% new, fully functional LED drivers.  They have be permanently mounted to a proper 1/16" thick aluminum heastink plate (3.5" X 4.70"), with pre-drilled and countersunk holes.  The screw holes dimensions are 1/8" diameter, and arranged in a square pattern 2-3/16" (51mm) X 3-11/16" (76mm).  This driver is also special made with horizontal shark-bite connectors, not the vertical connectors used on our other drivers, study above photos carefully to see the difference in connectors. Comes with 1 dimmer knob per driver.  Original retail price for this custom item was $49, now on clearance for less than wholesale pricing at $25/ea.  Carries same limited 3 year warranty just as other drivers do. Limited quantities are available. 

The Quad Dimming LED Driver was designed to run FOUR entire arrays of LEDs each with a combined forward voltage up to 25V and each at 1,000ma.