The Triple - Digital Dimming LED Driver.

The Triple - Digital Dimming LED Driver.

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These are custom drivers build in-house by Steve's LEDs.   They were designed from the ground up to be used for LED lighting applications for marine and freshwater aquariums.  

They offer a terrific amount of features that rival every other brand of LED driver on the market. NO SOLDERING REQUIRED.  We use a high quality 'wire-bite style' connector.

They do not include the required power supply, because if one part of the driver is damaged, the whole unit is rendered useless.  With Steve's LEDs drivers, if you have a problem with one component, only that single component needs to be replaced.  Furthermore, these drivers are modular. Secondly, with the dual powersupply/driver unit, you cannot tune them for maximum efficiency, you rarely achieve maximum efficiency out of the box.  With Steve's LEDs drivers, 97% efficiency is easily attainable!

The Triple Dimming LED Driver was designed to run THREE entire arrays of LEDs each with a combined forward voltage up to 25V an each at 1,000ma.