Typhon KIT Lot of components Clearance - Build your own!

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Part Number:8794102616

This is a huge box of components, used to make through hole, V1 Typhons.   Unlike SMD/SMT components, these can be easily soldered with a $5 cheap soldering iron, and acheive professional results. Steve's LEDs has switched to a SMD/SMT based Typhon, so these parts are no longer being used by us.

This Lot contains most of the components requried to make about 130 Typhons, but a few of the more common, cheaper parts may be missing, these can be had off Ebay for pennies each (and 1X ATMEGA328 DIP28 microprocessor per Typhon).  The hard work has been done for you - resistors and transistors have been precut and bend, just slide them in their respective holes.  Schematic and components layout, as well as a sample Tyhon will be included.  You can make these and sell them yourself, start a short term side job or give them away to your friends.  Since we are giving you these parts at less than what we paid for them, you will have an incredibly high profit margin.


$500 to make around 130* Typhons is quite a steal, which is around $3.84/Typhon.  Our cost was more than double this.

(*other components may be required to make the complete set of 130, but the bulk of the components are included, as well as the PCBs, we provide you with a list of items requried, so you will know exactly what you need with no confusion.

All quantities are approximated/estimated on good faith and reasonable estimating methods, and is likely not perfectly accurate.  Counting each and every components would take a significant amount of time, and we would have to increase the cost of this deal.  We'd rather cut our losses and make space in our warehouse.  If you would like to guarantee a parts count, and purchase the remaining parts requried to make an even 130 units, that is available for an extra (reasonable) cost - since we have to go back and count everything, a labor charge will be included in this too.

Here is our best guess of an itemized list of components:  (The symbol "~" means, "approximately")

~130X pcs of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) Ultra high quality

~ 150X CR1220 Battery Holders

~100X 10,000 Ohm resistors

~150X 5V & 10V mixed voltage regulators

~200X Maxim DS1307+ RTC (real time clock chips)  these sell for $2.50/ea

~100X 16Mhz resonator w/dual caps

~ 2,500X 0.1uF capacitors

~100X NPN Transistors (required only for 10V PWM output, not used on 5V PWM output (most common with Steve's and Meanwell LDD and other drivers.)

~5,000X Assorted resistors, separated by value, precut, prebent, ready to use. More than enough for 130 boards.

~400X 10uF Capacitors

~ some other miscellaneous items may be included as well