Ultra Violet 365nm - UVA 3W LED

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The newest 365nm UVA LED from VioSys, the new Z5 series of LED.  This is one of the first reliable 365nm LEDs to be used for reptiles and plants, as a source of UVA light.  This can also be used with avian bird breeding pairs to promote mating.

This is not for use in a marine aquarium with fish or corals.  UV light causes stunted growth in almost every species of coral, clam, and anemone.  For those species that can tolerate it or adapt to having it, does not mean they thrive under it - they do much better without it.

This LED the second highest quality Violet on the market, second only to the Luxeon UV LEDs (Luxeon UV sell for around $20/ea).  As always, we will offer it at the lowest price because we purchase LEDs in very large volumes, and we mount the LEDs in-house at our manufacturing facility here in Louisiana, USA!  We simply pass the savings on to you.