23/8 Gauge cable (CAT6 4 pair)

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23 Gauge cable. Sold by the foot.

Ampacity - Rated at 4 amps, however, we recommend never running more than 2A (2,000ma) through this wire.

Shielded - Twisted pair phase-in/phase-out substantially reduces interference for controllers.  Resists AC line interference when running from drivers to LEDs as well.


Selecting a Qty of 1 will yield a one foot cable, containing 8 wires. Ordering multiple quantities will be shipped one continuous length up to 500'. Color of cable may vary, currently, we have white in stock.

This is a very high quality solid core wire.   It is the ONLY wire we recommend to use to supply your Steve's LEDs drivers and LEDs with power.  This makes excellent extension wire, when needing to supply power to one or more drivers.  It is also works perfectly with our quick disconnect connectors.

We recommend tinning this wire ends before using.  Please see the alternative 24 gauge LED wire for connecting your LEDs together and connecting your LEDs to your driver.