Custom Adapter or Harness

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Have some mismatched plugs on your devices or cables and need them to work together?  We can build you an adapter! We can get pretty much anything to plug up to anything else, usually with no soldering required on your part.

Here's what we need from you, to be able to build your adapter:

1) The two items needing to be connected together (example :cable that went into Typhoon, to go into the new HurricaneX)

2) Wire size.  If you are using this wire for controllers, you'll want 24ga.  If you are using this for power, such as from a power supply to LED drivers, you'll want 20ga or 18 ga.  Just let us know the purpose and we'll figure out the details.

3) Length. Do you want it short?  Just put 3 inches.  Do you need some slack?  Then put 8 inches.  We'll make it as close as we can to your specified size, give or take a couple of inches.

4) Any other details you can provide to ensure we get it built correctly would be most appreciated.  If you say HurricaneX cable to Bluefish with no other info, there are over 16 possibilities of connector combinations.  We will want to know how many wires on each connector, designated by the number following "P".  If your HurricaneX has a 4 wire connector, it is referred to as a "4P" connector.  Please send any photos to [email protected] and let us know you sent a photo in the details.

EXAMPLE order request:
1) Typhoon 8P cable to HurricaneX 4P
2) Controller size
3) 6 inches long
4) I have an older system that used the Typhoon, and the LED system has 4 channels of control.  I ordered a HurricaneX v5.0RSM and want it to fit.  It has three sets of 4P connectors and a 24P connector slot on the front of it.  I took photos of the cable and the HurricaneX, and send them to your email address so you can take a look.

Most adapters are $10/ea.  If they are complex, or require more than 8 inches of length, or have more than 3 connectors it will cost more.