Full Spectrum Array (FSA) 80-up LED 200W

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Brand New Release!  Pre-sale exclusive pricing, VERY limited time offer - only 125pcs of the 3,500K is available at this price!

Full Spectrum Array (FSA) boards! These boards use full spectrum LEDs, designed to grow all plants, no exception. Each board can output more than 25,500 lumens @ up to 200W (at the wall plug!), with par levels around 1,300 near the light.  That breaks down to an industry leading  $0.25/Watt of light!

The technology behind the FSA is using 80 high powered 3W LEDs, and running them at a fraction of their rated power @100W. This ensures that the LEDs are outputting an amazing amount of light, while not even running close to their maximum capable power which maximizes both efficiency and lifespan. Each FSA board measures 23.12” X 1.33” wide. This allows one of these to fit perfectly within a 24” section of our HD Heatsink.   Or you can fit two of these in a 48” section of the HD Heastink. A perfect match for a fanless LED system.

Using a high LED count linear array such as the FSA allows for amazing canopy penetration (no shadowing), excellent light dispersion, and no hot spots allowing you to grow very close to the lights for constrained spaces. Furthermore, we use shark-bite connectors so no soldering is required – just poke bare wire in!

For a single FSA, we recommend the HLG-100H-48 driver.

For two of the FSA boards, we recommend the HLG-185H-54 driver.

These boards consume approximately 100W each at the recommended current of 2A per board, so it is an excellent way to achieve 50W per sq/ft with ease. If you can find a large enough heatsink, you can even run these boards at full power - 200W each for 100W/sq/ft with ease.

We have several color options available, including 3,000K (special order), 3,500K, 4,000K, 5,000K and 6,500K (special order), with more colors coming soon. Since we assemble the boards in-house, we can make any color combination you can dream up! CRI is 80-90, depending on color.

3,000K is great for flowering

3,500K is great for a complete run Veg + Flowering – (We recommend this!)

5,000K and 6,500K is great for vegetative growth.

The Competition:

Steves LEDs FullSpecArray HLG QB304 Quantum Board
LED size 700ma 300ma
Board Current 4,000ma 1,600ma
LED Lifespan 300,000hrs 50,000hrs
Max Power 200 Watts 150 Watts
PCB Size 1.33" X 23.1" 6.833"X11.25"
Hotspots? No Yes
Power Coverage 100 W/Sq Ft 37.5 W/Sq Ft
Solderless Yes Yes
Price $49.99 $65.00
Optimal Driver HLG-100H-48B Unknown
Heatsink w/splash guard available? Yes, HD Heatsink Old-school plate only
Custom Color Blends Available Yes No
MADE IN: USA outsourced to china

If you need lighting for a large scale operation (more than 100 pcs), please contact [email protected] for higher volumes and deeper discounts!

5 Stars
Release Engineer
I ordered a couple of these and a couple of the 7-Up boards. I use QBs and PFD240s (Photon Fantom) and the performance of these boards is impressive. I may need to get out the SQ-520 and do a side-by-side. Either way, I'm about to place a second order.
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