Luxeon ES 2,700K Warm White 3 Watt LEDs

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This is the Luxeon ES series Neutral White LED, The finest Neutral White LED on the market - Even superior to Cree LEDS (XT-E), consuming less electricity and having more total output lumens!

We purchase large quantities of leds to give you the best price on the market! We also select the best LEDs, in the best BIN offered by Philips.

 All Luxeon ES LEDs are not created equally!  Thinking of ordering Luxeon ES LEDs somewhere else?  Do you think they will be offering you the best BINs for the cheapest price?  Likely not!  Did you know that the a poor BIN from the same model of LED (both Cree and Luxeon) can vary up to 25% in light output?  Better BINs are simply more expensive, and well worth the extra few pennies.  Steve's LEDs will always tell you the specific BIN of LED you are ordering to ensure you are getting the BEST LEDS ON THE MARKET!