Replacement Fan Regulator v2.0

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This is the standard 8V regulator that comes on all of our Pressurizing Cooling Fans.  

 It is mounted conveniently to a metal PCB that allows you to mount it to any heatsink.  It also includes "Poke-to-Connect" connectors so no soldering is required!

This works with most 12V fans.  This regulator is preset to run at 8.0V with no additional components required, just plug it into the main power supply (10-35VDC) and it will output a very consistent 8.0V.   The reason why we don't use a 10V-12V output is because the fan moves about 80% of the air, but is more than 6 times more quiet.

This is a digital device, and cannot be plugged in backwards.

Fan regulator installation guide download here.