Temperature Probe for HurricaneX

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This is a digital temperature probe exclusively for your HurricaneX V4.7+.  

Ultra high resolution - 0.01° accuracy!

This plugs directly into the HurricaneX V4.7+, no soldering required.

Double wall marine grade 316 Stainless steel sealed 2-3/8" (35mm) long probe with aquarium grade silicone.  Fully marine submersible - waterproof.  It's the same grade that they make sailboat hardware out of - even 50 year old sailboats don't have rust on their hardware!

This includes a 6 foot long cable - excellent for making the installation neat.  Made in Louisiana, USA - not chinese imports that will fail after a couple of weeks!

Please note that this probe does not work with HurricaneX versions V4.6 and under.  Please see above photo to verify that you have V4.7 or higher.