The BOOSTER Series Grow Lights

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The Booster Series of LED lights are designed to be used as standalone or in conjunction with your existing full spectrum LED, HPS or Metal Halide lighting systems.

Growth Booster: Designed for general plant growth, from seedlings to maturity.  Works very well with almost every plant!  One of these provides enough light to grow several plants in your home, garage, basement or outside.

Blue Booster: Designed to boost the blue spectrum during the vegetative stage of your indoor growing cycle. It helps the plants grow bigger healthier leaves and thicker stalks during the vegetative stage. One example of this effect happening naturally is during the spring and summer months, where more of the blue spectrum of light makes it to earth because the sun is higher in the sky during the spring and summer compared to the fall and winter months. a plant responds to this bright direct natural blue light with a cue to grow legislatively with a lot of big leaves and short stems to absorb as much of the light around it as possible. This gets the plant ready for the next stage of growth the Flowering Stage. Having big leaves to absorb light during the flowing stage is crucial to your plants growth because the plant will be expending a lot of energy during this period.  The Blue Booster uses a mixture of 410-480nm Blue to hit a wide range of the chlorophyll-A and chlorophyll-B absorption peaks in this wave length area.

Red Booster 660: Designed to boost the red spectrum of 660-680nm. When combined with your standard full spectrum LED, HPS or Metal halide light, This Red 660 spectrum will help your plants grow faster and healthier. In addition, the Red 660 spectrum also helps your plants switch from the 'vegetative stage' to the 'flowering stage' much faster than your standard full spectrum led, HPS, Metal halide  or Green House lighting alone. It is known to most avid large scale growers that plants tend to switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage earlier in the growth cycle under lights containing more of the red spectrum of light.  

Blooming Booster: The Blooming Booster is used to trigger flowering. By running this light for just 5 minutes before and after dark for a total ON time of 10 minutes at the end of each day you can trigger the flowering process in long-day plants. Another added benefit of using the Blooming Booster during this period of your growth cycle is that it helps shorten the time from flowering to harvest. The Far Red booster can do this by converting the active state of Pfr to the inactive state Pr in just minutes compared to natural conversion of Pfr to Pr that takes up to two hours after dark naturally. We can cut this time down to just 5-10min after dark depending on the plant. So you can shorten your dark period by up to two hours and increase your light period by up to two hours thus giving your plants much more time to grow under full light and cutting down your time to harvest.  This is also used to expedite the germination and seedling growth of plants - which triggers the 'grow high as fast as possible' response in plants by making them think they are in a forest with competition for sunlight. The Blooming Booster has 100% Far Red LEDs between 720-740nm.

Deep Red/Far Red Booster: The Red/Far Red Booster uses a mixture of deep red and far red LEDs to achieve what is known as the Emerson effect. The Emerson Effect is the increase in the rate of Photosynthesis after Chloroplast are exposed to light wavelengths of 670 nm (red light) and 720 nm+ (far red light). When simultaneously exposed to light of both wavelengths, the rate of photosynthesis is far higher than the sum of the deep red light and far red light photosynthesis rates.

The Booster Series LED fixtures are a great addition to any full spectrum LED ,Metal halide or HPS lighting systems used indoors or outdoors.  Perfect for small areas and expandable to larger facilities.  Each fixture has an approximate 100 square foot coverage area.  Please note that the standard version is water resistant, and the dimmable version is not due to the exposed dimmer knob and different electronics.