10V PWM Converter (5V PWM into 3-in-1 10V PWM)

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5V PWM to 10V PWM converter

Up to 16 channels of independent control!

This is a universal signal converter, specifically designed to get most available LED controllers to control Meanwell drivers that have 3-in-1 dimming capabilities.  

This is compatible with Bluefish as well as HurricaneX controllers.  

This is relatively simple to install, just supply a 12V source, like this power adapter. (No soldering!)  Then you can attach the input to your controller, and the output to your drivers.  

Please be aware that this does not allow Meanwell 3-in-1 dimming drivers to turn completely off.  This issue is not a limitation of this converter, it is a limitation of the driver.  This issue is indicated in your driver's datasheet.  We recommend plugging your driver in to an inexpensive (~$5USD) wall timer to turn off after sunset has completed, and turn on before sunrise starts).  Easiest solution ever!  Beware, using an external relay such as indicated in the Meanwell documentation can not only be a fire hazard, it is not suitable for commercial installations as it not safety certified, whereas a wall timer would be UL safety certified.

4 or 16 channels of independent control, depending on the option you select!
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I'm using this to control 10 meanwell HLG drivers. The details on what all the harnesses are are in the "Expert Info" tab. I got the 16 channel harness for future expansion. Works great, especially with the wall timer trick in the description. Side note- the previous version 1.0 did NOT work properly with HLG's. This version 2 DOES work with HLG's perfectly!
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Reviewed by:  from MD. on 10/18/2017

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