12" HD Booster Bar - For Supplementation

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HD Booster Bars are designed to supplement existing lighting.  It doesn't matter if you have metal halides, fluorescents/T5's, or even a different brand LED fixture that isn't as bright as you were expecting.  It will be less expensive to add in this supplement bar that replacing that entire fixture.  This is typically used for either aquariums or grow chambers.

These mount using a freestanding hanging mount, such as when using our HD Hanging Kit. or you can attach to an existing fixture.  We also have standoffs where this Booster Bar can be set atop a glass lid, or a flush mount, where you can mount inside of a hood (or perhaps another fixture/frame).   

Boost Bars come in 4 sizes, to suit almost every size aquarium or grow area.  For example, you can use either 2X 36" Booster Bars, or just a single 48" Booster Bar for a 6' long aquarium such as a 175-210 gallon.  The light spreads very well and evenly, so no hotspotting when using a Booster Bar that is shorter than your aquarium.

We use only the highest quality Luxeon LEDs that were made in Germany, no cheap chinese LEDs in our fixtures (such as cree, epistars, etc).


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